Located on the south edge of the Dune Sea, the village of Nakah is a small collection of stone huts cowering in the shadow of a massive sand dune. The town’s defining building is the Well Hut, a stone block building housing the last supply of water before the Dune Sea. Nearer to the foot of the dune, sheltered by a ring of sandstone outcroppings, are half a dozen small farms.

Notable Inhabitants

Wellmaster: a wiry old man in worn but expensive robes, effectively the mayor.
Gareth: the wellmaster’s personal guard, hulking and balded-headed, wields a club. Shared the first pieces of info with the PCs.
Bryson: Proprietor of the Common House, a slightly-potbellied, and excitable man. He told the PCs about the raids coming in from the dunes, striking the local farms. Makes a delicious and cool salt porridge.
Jaris: The stonecutter, a jumpy man with a pile of rocks in his front yard. His father mapped the ruins and rock islands of the Dune Sea; that map was given to the PCs for the promise of a beautiful rock.

The PCs have bedded down in the common room for a night’s rest. They plan to depart in the morning for the unnamed ruins a half-day’s journey north and a horizon off the road, where the raiders are believed to be hiding.


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