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This is the way the world ended. The Shadowfell and Feywild spilled their banks and flooded into the Middle Realm. When the dust settled, the kingdoms of man and elf and dwarf had been washed away. Further chaos ensued. Those inclined to war with their fellow survivors did so.

Half a century later there are few left to war, and fewer still who wish to. Those who now cling to life in this barren world are content to till their fields and defend their own. Only the elders remember life any other way, and they are prized for their wisdom.

It is a dark place, but the light of good waits to shine upon it still.


The Dune Sea


Different races abide by different religious creeds.

  • Humans and most dwellers in settled mixed-race locales abide by some variation of “The Way of the Light;” if you played Warcraft then it should be familiar enough.
  • Elves worship the World Spirit and have spent the days since the downfall attempt to heal her and reconcile themselves to her; they believe her anger led to the end of days.
  • Dwarves practice ancestor spirit worship
  • Travelers and merchants pay heed to the dominant form of worship in their area but usually abide their own patron deities, Inathul the Wanderer and Farthon the Great Trader. In both cases, these deities focus on freedom; Inathul also encourages self-preservation while Farthon’s closest adherents view trade as a sacred duty to benefit both sides, buyer and seller.


The following houserules and guidelines are established:

  • Standard point buy
  • Character backgrounds in the builder are allowed, including the skill benefit
  • Setting is magic-item light, we will be utilizing inherent bonuses.

All these rules and guidelines are under consideration. I welcome input.

  • I have several thoughts on the items-at-creation rules. I may allow standard selection of items for a level 2 character, or I may allow only a single item as the character’s one awesome thing. I believe I will disallow weapons, in the latter scenario.
  • I may allow for a selection of at-level bonuses. Rather than simply “well you get a feat at level x,” I may create a smorgasbord of things that you COULD get for leveling up. This is a little out there, and I’m receptive to ideas on how to shape it, what bonuses would work, or arguments why it’s not a good plan. I trust you two enough to think that it wouldn’t be abused, and if it pans out poorly we can retcon the level-up effects to something more traditional. Ideas for potential bonuses:

1. Skill training (or gradual training, so you would select a +2 one level and another +2 for full training later on)
2. Feats
3. Boost for your inherent bonuses (would definitely be a gradual unlock, I’d need to investigate how it’d trade off with the fact that you DESERVE inherent bonus in tradeoff for the lack of items)
4. Pick an additional power from a previous level (big maybe, at this point I’m just brainstorming; perhaps it is limited to utility powers)
5. Your suggestion here.

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